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Trained by Jesus

“And He said to them, ‘Therefore, every scribe who has been trained for the kingdom of heaven is like a master of a house, who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old.’” Matthew 13:52 ESV

Many of us believe lies about making disciples. Perhaps you have believed or are believing one of them. Lies such as, “I’m not qualified,” “It’s not my job, but that of the pastor or church leaders” or “People don’t want to hear.”

Recently I spoke on these very lies at a women’s event for a local missionary church. Because these lies do not just pertain to women, I wanted to touch on them in this month’s newsletter.

Friends, disciple-making is a glorious get-to God invites us to partake in with Him, and nothing is better worth our time, energy or gifts because He is worth all we have to give. All things come from Him anyway. Should they then not be used for Him? He doesn’t need us to increase His human choir, but He chooses to use us! Let me say that again, God Almighty chooses us, a ragtag group of humans who inevitably slow Him down and cause our fair share of mess ups. What patience and grace!

A lie has no legs
Pawel Czerwinski photo | Unsplash

How are you returning the favor? Put another way, how are you expressing your love for the Father? Are you eager and willing to join Him on this mission or are you believing one of Satan’s lies, like those listed on the next page?

Lie #1: I’m not qualified to make disciples. First, who told you you’re not qualified? In His great commission, Jesus reminds us of a promise as old as time: I am with you always. And not only is He with us, He prepares us for His Kingdom work. It’s what we read about in the verse from Matthew I quoted in the beginning.

Jesus—God Almighty—trains you for Kingdom work. As AW Tozer says, “God does not call the equipped, He equips the called.” You have been given the Holy Spirit, who reminds us of all Jesus teaches us, and He does so the very moment we need it.

Lie #2: It’s not my job. I’m not sure about your Bible translation, but nowhere in the Great Commission do I see Jesus call out a select few to fulfill His command. No age limits, no specific offices listed, no preset skills required. The only “stipulation” is what’s listed in the Great Commandment: love God with your all. With that as our sole qualification and Jesus as our instructor, any and all of us are called to make disciples. What better way to show our love for God than to increase His Kingdom?

As AW Tozer says, "God does not call the equipped, He equips the called."

Lie #3: People don’t want to hear. True, some won’t receive the Gospel. Yet, Jesus Himself says, “‘The harvest is plentiful’” (Luke 10:2a). Just as people were thirsty and searching then, so they are today. We live in a world dying of thirst, and we’ve met the Life-Giving Water.

It’s not a lack of hearers, but of speakers. Jesus says the need is great, yet the number of first responders is low. What’s to be done then? Note Jesus’ answer, “‘Pray for laborers’” (Luke 10:2b). Whether you’re believing one of these lies or another about making disciples, cast aside this scheme of the enemy and fix your gaze on “the Lord of the harvest.” He's calling us—all of us—to join Him in this amazing Kingdom work. Will you join Him?


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