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Meet Our Team

Jesus was an unconventional man, and the people He picked to be His disciples weren't exactly the most desirable, not by the world's standards anyway. Just leaf through the Bible and you'll soon discover Jesus—and God the Father— have a knack for choosing the underdogs, the misfits and the outcasts. And that's exactly what They have done with our team at The Jesus Connection.

We're just an oddball bunch of Jesus freaks who are committed to knowing God and loving others. We come from a variety of faith backgrounds and we've all experienced our fair share of doubts, problems and trials. We're far from perfect, and we know we never will be. We just want to share the love of Jesus and help others know Him as their personal Lord and Savior; and if God wants to use this motley crew of misfits, we sure aren't going to stop Him.

Brittany Ulman

Brittany Ulman


A devoted follower of Jesus Christ,

I am set on spreading the good news of the Gospel and helping others discover His love for them.

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